The operations of the Company are centered in the Textile Industry, The main business of the company is sale and purchase of fabrics. Textile Industry contributes nearly 14% of the total Industrial Production of the country and also contributes 3% to the GDP of the country. The country earns about 27% of its foreign exchange through textile export. Considering the slow global economic recovery so far, there is a need to improve competitiveness of the sector in the global market. Within textile, 'Home Textile' market is estimated at over 10,000 Crores. Of this, the organized sector accounts for under 10%. The Home Textile category is expected to grow at 8% p.a. and the share of organized sector is expected to improve. The emergence of strong modern trade and rapidly growing large format stores is expected to help upgradation of the market and also aid growth of organized sector players. As the Share of Organized sector, there is a huge potential for the Growth in this Business Segment, therefore your Company has decided to enter into this segment.